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22.02.2018 10:32

Studying abroad - my trip to the US with SCMT

USA, SCMT, Kelley Business School, SMT


“Once a year go someplace you have never been before” – this is what most of us did.

To be honest, how many people do have the chance to study at one of the top-ranked US universities, not only listening to, but also discussing various topics with outstanding professors and lecturers and realizing new perspectives on topics already known?!

Parallel to the lectures it was our task to develop a business plan about how to enter a certain market with a product that is not yet existent. It is always interesting to work with a group of people you have not worked with before. We get to know each other better, not only on a business level, but also on a private level and that is - in my opinion - one of the biggest benefits of studying abroad. We were placed into an unknown environment, neither knowing the local people nor the local culture, so we tended to be more open minded about sharing information with our fellow students which brought us together as a group.

Even though we were spending a lot of time in lectures and working on our business plan, there was still plenty of time to be a “typical student”, which means going out for a beer or two, talking to locals and experiencing those stereotypes about the United States, the ones which are true and those that aren’t – Their addiction to big and loud cars is undeniable by the way.

At the end of our two week stay in the United States we had to present our product and business plan in front of a jury who were assessing the groups and provided feedback to the group and each individual of the group. Finally, we were celebrating these two eventful weeks with an excellent dinner in the historic hall room of the university – an unforgettable experience!

A personal recommendation from my side: Take some time before and/or after the two weeks of study to travel alone or with friends of yours. The weekend before our studies started, I visited Chicago with fellow students of mine, and the week after our studies abroad I went to Cuba with the same people. By spending more time with my fellow students, I was able to become more familiar with them, and realized that we are sharing the same values and moral beliefs – That´s probably what made this trip so memorable.  

Über den Autor:

Daniel Falter ist Student im Master of Business Engineering


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