• „You have to focus on innovation and people to successfully shape the future.“
    Ferdinand von Steinbeis
  • „We have made it our mission to comprehensively qualify tomorrow's leaders with business knowledge“
    Rainer Gehrung, CEO

St. Galler Management Seminar

The St. Galler Management Seminar imparts top-quality management knowledge geared to the future. The main objective of the course is to educate participants to think in a holistic, entrepreneurial way. In addition to state-of-the-art knowledge of business and management theory, the seminar emphasizes soft skills and the creation and expansion of networks with other course participants. 

The St. Galler Management Seminar is specifically aimed at managers from medium-sized and large companies who strive to solve current problems based on sound research and probable future outcomes. The participants come from a variety of corporate branches. 

Thanks to the personal support and measurable transfer of knowledge into business practice, both participants and companies gain the maximum benefit from this seminar. The St. Galler Management Seminar also forms the basis for further bachelorʼs and masterʼs degree programs.

Seminar structure and duration

The St. Galler Management Seminar can be started with every module. Modules not attended can be taken in a different term. The modules are repeated every year.

The seminar takes a total of 10 months. A module consists of two to three days, each time a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. One module takes place each month. The optional examinations take place right after the seminar. Language of instruction and testing is German. 

At the very beginning of the seminar, both the dates and study content have been specified to ensure your ability to plan.

Exemplary Program Structure


After completed attendance at all modules of the St. Galler Management Seminar, you will get a certificate of participation from Steinbeis University Berlin (SHB). 

Participants who have passed all the optional examinations will also receive 28 credit points, a university certificate, and authorization to use the title Certified Management Expert (CME).


The St. Galler Management Seminar imparts top-quality management knowledge geared to the future. Among other content, the seminars teach the following:

  • current business economics theory and management knowledge for direct use in professional practice in the following fields:
    • general business economics
    • project management
    • company management
    • organization
    • leadership
    • human resources management
    • financial management
    • accounting and controlling 
    • Marketing
  • understanding and assessing success factors in business  
  • using selected instruments and methods 
  • analyzing and developing alternative solutions 
  • understanding and using strategies

Dates and locations

The study locations for the seminar modules are determined far in advance to make planning easier. The modules are held in selected hotels in metropolitan Stuttgart. 

The exchange of experiences and opinions as part of networking at the St. Galler Management Seminar is very important for the transfer of learning content. During group dialogs, interesting approaches for solving current issues frequently arise. For this reason, SCMT recommends that participants lodge together at the hotel.

Please click here for an overview of the current dates.

Admission requirements

There are no admission requirements to participate in the St. Galler Management Seminar. Anyone who already has several years of work experience can attend the seminar and take away new stimulus for themselves and their company.

Continuation options

The modules of the St. Galler Management Seminar are simultaneously a component of career-integrated Executive Bachelor program.

Graduates of the St. Galler Management Seminar can register for the Executive Bachelor program within two years of completing the seminar. Then all of your previous exam results and payments are taken into account. 

Only the seven missing modules and corresponding exams must be successfully completed. The makeup exams are always held at the end of the module currently being offered. Completed modules that are part of the St. Galler Management Seminar can be retaken for a fee in order to review the content.