The Fellowshipmodell

The Fellowshipmodell

The Fellowshipmodell is aimed at young professionals who want to qualify as junior executives. Our study programs offer graduates of universities, colleges of applied science, and dual universities as well as candidates with little or no work experience, the option to develop both personally and professionally in the Fellowshipmodell.

Here is how the SCMT Fellowshipmodell’s success principle works: 

Steinbeis-Hochschule BerlinYou graduate from a financed, career-integrated, international, master’s program at Steinbeis University Berlin. Alongside your courses, you work on a relevant project for a partner company arranged by SCMT. While working on the two-year project, you will receive a salary from SCMT. During your studies, you will attend some seminars at our renowned partner universities abroad, where you will deepen both your linguistic and intercultural competence. 

The projects can be done in any of the various business units or departments of a company. 

With the Fellowshipmodell, you have the opportunity to complete an international and FIBAA-accredited master’s program and start your career at the same time. 

The Fellowshipmodell includes a choice of the following degree programs

The Fellowshipmodell’s Value

Under the motto “financed, career-integrated, and international,” we help young professionals get a start in the career world while completing a financed international master’s program. Of course, the Fellowshipmodell offers you many other advantages: 

1. Financed

For working on the two-year project, you receive a salary from SCMT totaling €42,000. Travel and lodging costs during the seminars are paid for you. 

2. Career-integrated

Within the Project Competence Degree, we provide academic education and support as you perform innovative tasks and projects in a company. This means that you will acquire significant work experience during your studies. 

3. International

The seminars at our international partner universities allow you to gain professional and personal experience and improve your language and intercultural skills at the same time. Besides gaining theoretical knowledge, during your stay at the partner universities, you will gain new impressions of how business is done in other cultures. Targeted, selected discussions with entrepreneurs, managers, and discussion panels round out the program. 

4. Direct Application of Knowledge

Only useful application of knowledge creates value. With the Project Competence Degree program, you use your newly acquired knowledge directly in a company project and document it for your master’s thesis. You will be accompanied by professionals such as coaches and advisers from the Steinbeis Network. 

5. First-Class Prospects

The need for qualified employees is so high that the phrase War for Talent has become well known – and the need is growing. This is true regardless of economic cycles. As an SHB graduate, a broad field of activity is open to you, and ideally you could be recommended for future leadership roles. The hands-on orientation also gives you an interesting applicant profile, allowing you the best chance for entry-level positions and advancement. 

6. Networking that Enriches

During your studies, you will benefit from having contact with other fellows and hearing about their experiences at other companies. Even after your program, SCMT offers you access to its large alumni network and to the worldwide Steinbeis Network. 

7. Academic Qualifications

You will have the professional support of lecturers from business, academia, and research and will benefit from our contact with internationally renowned partner universities and partner companies. After successful completion of your program, you will receive a nationally recognized and international FIBAA-accredited master’s degree.

Contractual Arrangements

Contractual Arrangements of the Fellowshipmodell

The Fellowshipmodell focuses on the project that you execute during the practical phases at your company.

  • SCMT signs a project contract with the host company for the duration of the program.
  • The fellow receives an employment and study contract from SCMT.
  • There is no direct contractual relationship between the fellow and the project company.