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Recruiting – Attracting the Qualified Employees You Need

Recruiting, finding, and selecting talent

Are you looking for candidates with high potential to work on solution-oriented projects for your company?

The Fellowshipmodell is the ideal recruiting tool for companies and simultaneously a career springboard for young professionals. Thanks to the principle of career integration, you can make contact with young professionals through a consultancy project and get to know them and their work habits and style during a time-limited, results-oriented project. This way, plans for a future permanent position can already be made during their studies.

As part of the Project Competence Degree, students (known as fellows) work on a project that you have defined at your company, carrying out results-oriented assignments relevant to the company. The assignments are set up as a project and can be performed in various business units and departments of your company.

Our Services in the Fellowshipmodell

The SCMT fellow pool contains top graduates of all specialties and offers you the ability to attract the employees you need. We find suitable candidates for you who meet your project requirements profile. The candidates complete a demanding selection process at SCMT. Your company makes the final decision on candidate selection.


In a multistage selection process, more than 700 applicants are checked each year for their potential and suitability for the Fellowshipmodell. For this, the applicants must have a telephone interview with an SCMT employee. Then the management board holds a thorough admission interview, whereupon the candidates must work out case studies in German and English. We are also happy to offer our assessment services to high-potential employees in your company.


Based on your project requirements profile, we find you qualified, highly motivated candidates in any field from our fellow pool. You get to know them during an introduction meeting at your company. You will make the final selection of a suitable fellow.


With the Fellowshipmodell, the practice-oriented approach to education is implemented consistently: based on the career-integrated Project Competence Degree, technical and young management professionals are internationally qualified in direct relation to your company. The Fellowshipmodell leads the students to the state-recognized degrees of Master of Business Engineering, Master of Science in Controlling & Consulting, Master of Business Administration.

Corporate Consulting included

For the duration of the project, both the fellows and your company are professionally assisted and supported by our professors and lecturers from the fields of science, practice, and consulting in order to achieve successful project management. Your company thus benefits from the expertise of the coaches at Steinbeis University Berlin throughout the project phase.

The Fellowshipmodell’s Value for Companies

Within the Fellowshipmodell, we find motivated, committed young professionals for your projects, who implement your company’s key requirements. Your company creates added value through knowledge transfer from theory into practice: fellows bring expertise to your company, where it then circulates. 

1. Recruitment of Talent

The SCMT’s international fellow pool offers you an excellent opportunity to recruit qualified employees. You get to know the work habits and suitability of potential junior executives during the practical project stage. 

2. Knowledge Transfer from Theory to Practice

The Project Competence Degree developed by SCMT is unique worldwide and offers you practical, results-oriented implementation of company-relevant hands-on projects. Our lecturers impart expertise and state-of-the-art knowledge to the students in seminars. This knowledge will then be transferred to your company through the career-integrated project. 

3. First-Rate Project Support

Professional project management and support for both projects and students is provided by experts from Steinbeis University Berlin and the Steinbeis Foundation. This means that your company can benefit from the expertise of the coaches and advisers of the Steinbeis faculty throughout the project phase. 

4. Company-Related Qualifications

The high demands of the Fellowshipmodell for knowledge and transfer competence qualify the fellows to meet your company’s needs. 

5. Flexible Capacity Development

By placing our fellows at your company, you can expand capacity in professional areas with no immediate strain on existing employees. Once the program is over, you have the option to hire the fellow permanently. More than 85 % of candidates stay with their project companies upon completing their degrees. 

6. Image Transfer and Employer Branding

As a Fellowshipmodell partner company, you will benefit from positive image transfer and increase your company’s appeal in the job market, thanks to this innovative training perspective. 

7. Cost Advantages

Throughout the program, the Fellowshipmodell offers you significant cost benefits compared to other recruiting options.

The Fellow Candidates

Candidates have previously gone through a comprehensive selection process, in which they are tested and selected for their suitability to take part in the Fellowshipmodell.

  • All fellows have successfully passed a demanding, multistage SCMT admission test.
  • The fellows are chosen and recommended based on the information provided in your project requirements profile.
  • All fellows have successfully completed their first technical/scientific, business, or business-technical university degree.
  • The fellows can already demonstrate their first practical work experience.
  • They are all motivated, committed, and looking for new challenges.

Contractual Arrangements

Contractual Arrangements of the Fellowshipmodell

The Fellowshipmodell focuses on the project that the students execute during the practical phases at your company.

  • SCMT signs a project contract with the host company for the duration of the program.
  • The fellow receives an employment and study contract from SCMT.
  • There is no direct contractual relationship between the fellow and the project company.

Investing in the Fellowshipmodell

As a partner company, you will invest €62,450 a year toward development of a specific project at your company. The investment includes education-related expenditures, financial support of the fellow, and travel and lodging costs for seminar stays domestically and abroad. As a partner company, you benefit financially because the program offers significant cost advantages over permanent employment:

One-year comparison
Type of costEmployeeFellow
Recruiting7.700 Euro0 Euro
Salary*49.500 Euro62.450 Euro
Non-salary employment costs (30%)14.850 Euro0 Euro
Total costs72.050 Euro62.450 Euro
Hours per year1.600 Std.-
Not including hours for continuing education40 Std.-
Hours working on project1.560 Std.1.600 Std.
Cost per hour46 Euro39 Euro

*Cross-industry average

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