• „You have to focus on innovation and people to successfully shape the future.“
    Ferdinand von Steinbeis
  • „We have made it our mission to comprehensively qualify tomorrow's leaders with business knowledge“
    Rainer Gehrung, CEO

Personnel Development – Every Company’s Future Capital

Developing, supporting, and retaining personnel

Do you have high-potential employees you would like to advance and keep at your company?

Through the Professional Education Program, we offer your employees continuing education, from a certified training program to bachelor’s degrees and international master’s degree program.

The St. Galler Management Seminar imparts future-oriented management expertise at the highest level. The main objective of the seminar is to educate employees to think in a holistic, entrepreneurial way.

If your employees want to obtain academic degrees, our career-integrated bachelor’s and master’s programs are the right choice. Your employees work on their company projects while completing a state-recognized degree at Steinbeis University Berlin. Because your employees work on a specific project at your company while they study, they immediately contribute value and put their new classroom knowledge directly into practice.

The Professional Education Program combines practical transfer with the opportunity for personnel development and employee retention.

Study Opportunities in the Professional Education Program

In the Professional Education Program, your employees can choose from the following seminars and degree programs:

St. Galler Management Seminar:
a practice-oriented summary of todayʼs management and business administration models – especially for small and medium-sized companies    

Executive Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (B.A.): a career-integrated foundation degree program for entrepreneurs and senior executives, building on the St. Galler Management Seminar

International Master of Business Administration (MBA): international, career-integrated degree for managers, junior executives, and entrepreneurs with at least two years of work experience

How the Professional Education Program Adds Value to Your Company

In the SCMT continuing education programs, your technical and young management professionals with development potential will attain qualifications for a broad range of assignments directly related to your company.

1. Further Development for High-Potential Employees

High-potential employees from your company can enhance their professional education. With options from certified training programs to academic degrees, your employees can develop both professionally and personally.

2. Securing the Latest Knowledge

Participating employees secure the latest academic and technical knowledge for your company. All continuing education courses impart new, immediately applicable knowledge from state-of-the-art management and business theory.

3. Knowledge Transfer from Theory to Practice

The Project Competence Degree developed by SCMT is unique worldwide and offers you practical, results-oriented implementation of company-relevant hands-on projects. During the seminars, our lecturers will impart expertise and up-to-date knowledge to your employees, which is brought to your company through the career-integrated project.

4. Employee Retention

As a result of the career-integrated continuing education programs, you retain your employees at your company at least for the duration of their studies.

5. Employee Satisfaction and Loyalty

By offering your employees innovative opportunities for continuing education, you increase their satisfaction and raise the level of loyalty to your company.

6. Image Transfer and Employer Branding

You benefit from positive image transfer and increase the appeal of your company in the job market, thanks to the special training perspective of Steinbeis University Berlin.

7. International and Cultural Experience for Your Employees

The seminars at our partner universities abroad allow your employees to gain international and cultural experience and improve their language skills at the same time.

Contractual Arrangements

Contractual Arrangements of the Professional Education Program

The Professional Education Program focuses on the project that the employees execute during the hands-on phases at your company.

  • SCMT signs a project contract with the host company for the duration of the program.
  • Employees receive a study contract from SCMT.
  • The employment contract between the employee and company remains valid.


Investment in the degree program covers participation in classroom seminars, lecture notes, and student support, as well as participation in all exams (except the St. Galler Management Seminar).

Graduates of the St. Galler Management Seminar who later register for the Executive Bachelor program will receive a full refund for the payments already made for the St. Galler Management Seminar.

St. Galler Management SeminarEUR 6.950,- (excl. VAT.)
Executive Bachelor (for graduates of the St. Galler Management Seminar)EUR 9.950,- (excl. VAT)
Executive BachelorEUR 16.900,- (excl. VAT)
MBAEUR 31.900,- (excl. VAT)
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