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    Ferdinand von Steinbeis
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    Rainer Gehrung, CEO

Corporate Academy – Continuing Education for Technical and Management Personnel

Innovative, customized, individual personnel marketing programs

Through the Corporate Academy, we create a custom personnel development and continuing education program for your company, both for your current employees and for recruiting young professionals. The SCMT’s Corporate Academy offerings are tailor-made and provide a broad range of programs, from an innovative trainee program with an integrated masterʼs degree to a degree program adapted to your company.

Collaboration with the largest private and public university allows your employees to earn nationally and internationally recognized bachelor’s and master’s degrees – without taking time out from their careers.

Together with you we will develop an individually tailored concept.

Through the Corporate Academy, we offer:

  • innovative trainee programs with an integrated master’s degree
  • individualized, company-related specialization
  • Custom degree programs

Added Value for Your Company

1. Employee Loyalty and Retention

By offering continuing education opportunities, you can significantly increase employee loyalty, while retaining your employees, at least during the study period.

2. Image Transfer and Employer Branding

As a Corporate Academy partner company, you benefit from positive image transfer and make your company more attractive in the local job market through an innovative training perspective.

3. Company-Related Qualifications

Your employees earn a nationally and internationally recognized, FIBAA-accredited academic degree, without needing to take time off work. At the same time, your employees gain qualifications directly related to your company.

4. Recruiting New Employees

You can win over young professionals with the training program and get to know their work habits and suitability during the hands-on project phase.

5. Customized Programs

The Corporate Academy’s offerings can be designed and guided individually and are developed specifically for your company.

Innovative Trainee Programs with an Integrated Master’s Degree

The trainee program offers high-potential employees from inside or outside your company the chance to prepare for a challenging management position in various parts of the company. Trainees go through a trainee program and complete an integrated, parallel international master’s degree (MBE®, M.Sc. or MBA) at Steinbeis University Berlin.

Example: Trainee Program with Integrated MBE
Example: Trainee Program with Integrated MBE

Individualized Specialization

Example: individualized specialization for the MBE
Example: individualized specialization for the MBE

At the Corporate Academy, we develop together with you a specialization to integrate into our existing master’s programs. The specialization will be developed directly for the needs of your company.

It qualifies current top performers for upper management assignments.

Original, Custom Degree Programs

Example: original degree program based on the MEng
Example: original degree program based on the MEng

We can custom develop an original degree program for your company to provide support and qualifications to your employees in direct relation to your company. The clear relationship to the company allows employees to be successfully assigned to various parts of your company after successful degree completion. This improves employees’ long-term employability, generates advancement opportunities for them, and creates new perspectives for sustainable corporate success.

Through a custom degree program, you can directly address the lack of qualified personnel and support and offer qualifications to high-potential employees in an area important to your company. Moreover, you can increase employee loyalty, while retaining your employees, at least during the study period.

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