Steinbeis Institute of Management & Technology Alumni e.V.

The organization Steinbeis Institute of Management & Technology Alumni e.V. offers graduates of SCMT programs an excellent platform to stay in contact with fellow alumni even after graduation. Through its diverse offerings for graduates, professors, and employees, they not only maintain their relationship with the Steinbeis Network and other alumni, but also continuously and automatically expand it to include later graduates and new members.

What the SIMT Alumni Network offers you:

  • You can set up your profile and save your data for other members to see.
  • You can look up former classmates and contact them directly.
  • You can regularly update the information in your profile, always keeping it current.
  • You can make new contacts through the alumni association and build your network.
  • You’ll receive the latest news and information from Alumni e.V. and SCMT GmbH.
  • You can take part in alumni events and conferences and get special rates on various events.

As a graduate of the SCMT Executive Bachelor and Masters programs you are automatically affiliated to the alumni association a couple of weeks after you successfully pass your final exam and thus have access to the alumni section in our online portal.

If you wish to resign from the free alumni association, please send a message to the following address: alumni[at]scmt[dot]com

If you haven’t applied for your program through our online platform yet, we can arrange immediate access for you. Then you can set up your profile through our online portal and enjoy the benefits of the alumni association.


Christopher Wolf

Funktion im Alumni Vorstand: Präsident

Durchführung: MBA
Derzeitiger Arbeitsplatz: Rechtsanwalt / Partner bei der Kurz Pfitzer Wolf Rechtsanwälte

Jörg Kienzle

Funktion im Alumni Vorstand: Vize-Präsident

Durchführung: MBE 01
Derzeitiger Arbeitsplatz: Leiter Wertdruck bei der Bundesdruckerei GmbH

Diego Ruch

Funktion im Alumni Vorstand: Marketing und Kommunikation

Durchführung: MBE 16
Derzeitiger Arbeitsplatz: Projektmanager bei der BSN medical GmbH in Hamburg

Tobias Jahn

Funktion im Alumni Vorstand: Finanzen

Durchführung: MBE 09
Derzeitiger Arbeitsplatz: Vertriebsbeauftragter bei SIEMENS

Thomas Junger

Funktion im Alumni Vorstand: Schriftführer

Durchführung: BA 01
Derzeitiger Arbeitsplatz: Abteilungsleiter Anlagentechnik Wasser bei den Stadtwerken Memmingen, Inhaber von TrinkwasserConsult