• „You have to focus on innovation and people to successfully shape the future.“
    Ferdinand von Steinbeis
  • „We have made it our mission to comprehensively qualify tomorrow's leaders with business knowledge“
    Rainer Gehrung, CEO

Steinbeis Center of Management and Technology

The Steinbeis Center of Management and Technology (SCMT) is a powerful network of leading institutes within Steinbeis University Berlin (SHB). Its offerings are built on three pillars: research, education, and consulting. In these areas, SCMT offers its participants and partner companies innovative research, quality instruction, intensive support, and direct knowledge transfer on specific research and consultancy projects – all from one source.

Research - Application-Focused Innovation

The goal is to provide companies with access to knowledge for application-oriented innovation, giving them an edge on their global competition.

We have made it our job to create this edge for and with our partners through our practice-oriented research. Our work always focuses on targeted knowledge transfer in business.

In our transfer-oriented research work, the doctoral program has a special status. With this program, we provide ambitious academics with excellent overall grades the opportunity to conduct application- and practice-oriented research, culminating in a doctoral degree.

Education - a Business School with High Practical Relevance

Lifelong practical learning is a central aspect of our educational offerings. Our aim is therefore to consider both the content and organizational needs of companies and also opportunities to combine education and career. As the business school of Steinbeis University Berlin, the Steinbeis Center of Management and Technology offers practice- and application-oriented degree programs that are always centered on a project that students work on at a company. In implementing the Project Competence Degree, we partner with nationally and internationally renowned universities and companies throughout the world. Our programs include a broad range of continuing education offerings that mutually complement each other, or can build upon one another. The wide spectrum of study and seminar programs range from certificate tracks to nationally recognized bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

SCMT offers the Following Educational Services:

As part of the Fellowshipmodell, we recruit young professionals for companies. Based on their job profile, these young people work on a project within the company. Through this model, we bring companies and young professionals together.

Our Professional Education Program offers every employee the right continuing education opportunity: From certified training programs to nationally recognized bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

Our Corporate Academy programs are tailor-made and offer a broad spectrum, from specializations to the individual degree program.

Consulting - IT and Corporate Consulting

Our focus is on consulting and on developing suitable approaches for IT, process optimization, and project management

Together with our customers, we perform a status analysis, formulate concrete corporate and communication goals, and create a package of measures with specified milestones. In the next step, we train technical and management employees to enable them to implement the specified measures, breathe life into them, and bring long-term changes to the company. As an IT service provider – true to the Plan-Build-Run-Improve philosophy – our activities range from process consulting and application development to operation and service of IT systems.