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    Ferdinand von Steinbeis
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    Rainer Gehrung, CEO

Project Competence Degree - Dovetailing Theory and Practice

At Steinbeis University Berlin, the close interplay of theory and practice is not just taught, but also experienced. The Project Competence Degree (PKS) developed by the Steinbeis Center of Management and Technology is a unique academic system that’s a win-win for everyone involved – both the companies providing the projects and the students working on them. The centerpiece of the career-integrated degree programs offered by the Steinbeis Center of Management and Technology is always an innovative practical project that the students work on during their program for a company hosting the project. This project is not only a fundamental admission requirement, but also the basis for the final thesis.

Students demonstrate that the knowledge acquired during their studies can be used for their company. This ensures scientifically based, practical, results-oriented accomplishment.

The Project Competence Degree